Root Samsung Galaxy GIO and upgrade to ICS 4: Part I

As a disclaimer, I’d like to note I’ve never flashed any devices with custom-tailored ROMs (except long adventure with Pocketbook 301+, present at my blog, too — but it was completely official). Also, I’m graduating with a BS in computer science this year, but its minor relating to this topic.


First, I found it to be necessary to root the device prior to installing Ice Cream Sandwich firmware update. Even with this step, I found two ways to accomplish the task. First way is to download the root package, copy it (do not unzip!) to the root of your SD card, turn your phone off and boot with Home button pressed. You should be fairly lucky to see the screen of phone upgrade, then with Volume slider button you have to select Update, then point (via Home button) to the archive you’ve just downloaded.

It’s useful to state I’m using 2.3.3, so having 2.3.6 is not mandatory here. Читать далее