Grave accent in C# class names

For generic interfaces, the name parameter is the mangled name, ending with a grave accent (`) and the number of type parameters. This is true for both generic interface definitions and constructed generic interfaces. For example, to find IExample<T> (IExample(Of T) in Visual Basic) or IExample<string> (IExample(Of String) in Visual Basic), search for «IExample`1».

PyOpenCl on x64 system

UPD: I found unofficial binary builds here:, use x86 builds.

Do not forget to install pytools.

I’ve been into some difficulties since i began installing that software, even with help of Читать далее

Error 1 error LNK1168: cannot open for writing при открытии файла Visual Studio

Error 1 error LNK1168: cannot open for writing

I was writing a simple C program to print “HelloWorld” while using the new improved Visual Studio 2010. Program compiled fine on the first run but I started to get a weird linking error (see title of post) on recompiling later on.

I singled out the problem to a service in Windows 7. Earlier in the week, I disabled a bunch of (unnecessary) Windows service processes to speed up my OS and happened to disable “Application Experience” service as well.

Enabling the service has solved the issue completely. The reason is because Application Experience service is used to process application compatibility cache requests for applications as they are launched.

Группы окон в Visual Studio

В Visual Studio есть аддон Productivity Power Tools, который дает возможность в новом окне открывать группы файлов

А закрыть всю группю, перенеся ее в основное окно просто — нужно зажать Ctrl и сделать двойной клик по рамке окна.